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Liandris Company exports best quality greek olives in varieties such as: greek black olives, olives from kalamata, wrinkled greek olives, green greek olives, cracked greek olives and confites greek olives, in an assortment which includes: whole naturally ripened greek olives, pitted greek olives, greek olives chopped in round slices, greek stuffed olives, greek olive paste.
Olives in Zip

This innovative packaging is user-friendly and ideal to package olives.

Especially designed, this plastic pouch can easily stand in flat surfaces and can be re-sealed by using the zip closure. It is made of plastic material that tolerates pasteurization and thus permits the packaging of olives in natural brine, extending its consumption period.

It is available in 250g net-drained weight, ideal for retail, and also in 4 kinds of olive:

Kalamata type click to enlarge photo Black click to enlarge photo

Green click to enlarge photo Cracked olives click to enlarge photo

Also in the pouches, we use one color for each kind of olive packaged, so as to be easier for the consumer to differentiate the kind.

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